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Spring Journeys in India

Photos from a recent trip to India, returning for the first time since the pandemic began.

Textiles at Lena Ladakh Pashmina, a slow-textile label working primarily on handspun, handwoven & botanically dyed Ladakh pashmina. Lena works with the raw materials of the land, using plants and herbs from the local mountains to dye the wool. The wool textiles are influenced by the Tibetan nomads in India.

A visit to Sabala Heritage Home, an NGO based in Bijapur, India with a primary focus on the empowerment of women. At Sabala Handicrafts, women become artisans through training in the art of embroidery, weaving and or sewing.

Handwoven bags at Sabala Heritage Home.

Flying over the Himalayas

Phuni and her nephew Tsering Dhondup, a monk and spiritual guide

Street artwork in India


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