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New Store Location in Belmont

We at Karma understand and are aware of the changes in these recent years since the pandemic began. These changes have left a long-lasting impact on all of us, including our global partners. It is imperative to continue to adapt and to create a community with a vision for a strong, healthy, and vibrant society. One of the ways we can make a difference is to have a safe space to exchange our creative ideas and social connections through the arts, science, and cultural heritage! Taking a leap of faith in my ever-persistent entrepreneurial spirit has led me to open Karma Fine Crafts in Belmont, located at 68 Leonard street. We are so fortunate to have found a community of kindness and love that has welcomed us with open arms! We look forward to engaging, serving, and learning about our newfound community and spreading good karma to everyone here!


Eddie, Phuni and Karma


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