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Help to Give Hosenbi and Her Family a Safe House

We have embarked on a mission to help change the lives of one family in South India, where living conditions and poverty are have taken a toll. Work is still going on brick by brick. A small group of volunteers and families are working hard to make this dream come true one family whose life will change forever because of your contribution and support. The Hosenbi’s are a kind, caring and Compassionate family who have on very hard times due to the severe weather events that took place in India. Now you may never get to personally know them, or visit them in India and experience their kindness and hospitality, but they are deeply grateful for the generosity of complete strangers, family members and friends around the globe who are contributing to reach the goal of 10,000 dollars to build a humble but safe and secure home for them and their children. We are about halfway there and if you want to truly help make a difference in the lives of these wonderful people please consider our Go Fund effort to build a home and make a dream come true! Thank you.


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