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Kathy Van Kleeck

Tending My Handmade Life

I am a maker ... I approach my life, designing and creating as improvisation, intuitive, spirit guided, always looking for the magical in the everyday through growing, observing, breathing, engaging ... being.

As the making begins ... images come, shapes flow, metal clay is rolled, pinched and poked, nudged and smeared, textures emerge, indigo awaits linen, dip and dip again, spirit guides the selection of essential oils, blends awaken, form follows function, the simplest answer is usually the best answer, scanning bins for bits and bobs, sparkly or matte, stack or layer, solder or wrap, drill and sand and file, long or not so long, plain or forged, shiny or satin, hand or machine stitched, another drop or two or not.

Above all else, the work should feel effortless, empowering, graceful, beautiful, smile inducing, grounded, and heart centered. Each piece, each moment comes back to how will it contribute to tending a handmade life?

With deep gratitude ...

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