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Heather Benjamin

The powerful Samba rhythm of Carnival in Brazil… galloping through the canyons of a Navajo’ reservation....the song of cicadas suspended above ancient Mayan Temples in Tikal… wild elephants grazing at dawn in the Kenyan Savannah… the rhythmic percussion of Gamelan music as the sun disappears into the Indian ocean… the Hindu story of Rama and Sita articulated through traditional Balinese dance…

Heather Benjamin Jewelry seeks to share experiences far from the beaten path.  Composed of designs inspired by the rituals, symbols and narratives observed during her global travels - cultural diversity; rustic elegance; anthropology & photography - are the principles and passions that guide the designer’s worldview and creative process at the deepest levels.

The traditional artisanship of Bali is central to the Heather Benjamin aesthetic. Bali –where the line is conceived & crafted is also Heather’s second home, and creative universe. It is through a deep collaboration with her team of artisans that her truly unique pieces are hand-made.

Distinct orbital patterns of Jasper from coastal Madagascar… naturally shed deer antler…meandering topographic-patterned, sliced-banded agates borne from Volcanic rock… jasper, shell, chalcedony, fossil and agate …these are the sustainable, ethically sourced pigments Heather Benjamin Jewelry calls upon to paint each unique story, each collection.  Each tale is framed in recycled silver or gold.

It is out of my deep love, appreciation and reverence for our natural world that I choose ethically sourced materials like recycled sterling silver, naturally shed deer antler and cruelty free bone.
The heart of my creations is engagement with the natural world - connecting us to beauty at its purest level. My wish is that the relationship to nature, via sustainable mineral and metal will promote the awareness and compassion so deeply needed for our planet and its beings.


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